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TekTop™ is a protective, solvent-free 100% solids silicone roof coating that provides a long-term, extremely durable barrier used to shield and repair existing roofs against leaks, ponding water and other damaging weather. TekTop™ forms a seamless layer that prevents water from penetrating and eliminating leaks. TekTop™ also provides a highly-reflective white coating to help keep buildings cool from the sun’s harmful UV Rays. It can be applied over metal, BUR, modified bitumen, TPO, Hypalon, EPDM, aged asphalt and urethane foam.

• Cool, reflective roof
• Stops leaks
• Creates a seamless monolithic barrier, once applied
• Withstands the elements of nature and natural weather
• Reduces energy costs
• Eliminates removal of existing roof, thereby, reducing the amount of material going into landfills
• Increases the life of the existing roof while protecting it
• Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed


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